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Michael, they don't care about us

Allow us to start this post by making the following statement: We don't think Julian Assange is a good guy and we don't think he's a bad guy either. Actually, we know nothing about him and we don't believe in good guys and bad guys. However, we do believe that the charges he is to face in Sweden are nothing but a set up to frame and ship the man to the United States, so the Yanks can fry him in an electric chair or worse. Since the Soviet Union disappeared and while China decides whether to shape up or not, you won't make the only Superpower's secret documents available on the Web and get away with it. This is a fact.

Now,  it's pretty clear that the UK have decided already not to let Assange get into a plane and fly safely to the political asylum he was offered by president Correa in Ecuador. We all know that the British government cooperated and will always cooperate with the White House in whatever the latter needs to keep ruling the world. This can also be easily explained to a six-years-old.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom has a history of granting asylum to criminals, when these criminals are friends, of course. Augusto Pinochet is a classic case, but many others can be mentioned. They can do pretty much whatever they want. Even though William Hague keeps saying they «wish to seek a diplomatic solution to this», their diplomacy will include storming the Ecuadorian embassy in London as soon as the American give them the green light. They don't care about us.

Is there anything we can do about it? Probably not. Julian Assange is to face a long-term stay at Ecuadorian embassy in London and if he sets foot out of the building, he will end up in United States where they are longing to submit him to an unfair trial, for Sweden and Australia cooperate with the Americans as well.

If the Foreign Office gets the green light they are waiting for and storm the Ecuadorian embassy to take Assange out, we will see a demonstration of how the Empire operates these days when it comes to affairs involving peripheral countries like South American. There should be retaliations against British and American embassies around the world. The so-called freedom they like very much to talk about will be questioned again. We just wanted to know how long will this domination last.

Finally, Julian Assange's statement embedded here has been edited by The Guardian, cutting conveniently the most substantial parts of his speech, which also proves how the media plays for the powerful and against people, including British people in this case.

By Palermo Bronx
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